A Balcony garden can be turned to a place of serenity and beauty


Living in a city also implies sacrificing room. There is no longer any space for green and lovely yards. However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of creating a garden that will make a Babylonian cry. There’s no excuse you can’t have your dream balcony garden if you cultivate the right plants and care for them properly. Here are some balcony ideas to turn your space into a haven of peace and beauty.

Get some bird feeders

You may want to buy some bird feeders. There are a variety of choices available online and in gardening shops, ranging from hanging ones to those that can be attached to a balcony wall. Choose your favorite! You can also make your bird feeders by using empty, clean plastic jars and following the DIY directions. You might even consider adding a little birdbath to your balcony while you’re at it. Hold these bird feeders full of grain and see how easily they draw those feathered beauties.

Vertical Garden

Plants may be grown on a rack to save space, time, and resources. Vertical gardens can be sponsored by frames and panels available in most plant shops. For a more cost-effective alternative, you can upcycle old plastic bottles and tin cans into containers. Make a plant stand out of an old ladder or install basic shelves on an empty wall. And there you have it! You’ve created an eye-catching garden.

Lights Up

Put some calming lighting on your balcony. Christmas decorations, paper lanterns, small glass chandeliers, or small lanterns may all be used. Adding some typical Indian lamps or clusters of lights to your balcony will change the look of the room.

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Zen retreat

Build small fountains and live plant walls to create a zen garden where you can meditate and practice yoga while surrounded by nature. To make the most of your zen retreat, surround yourself with air-purifying plants like the areca palm, money vine, Chinese evergreens, gerbera daisy, and orchids.

Wall Planters

Do you want to bring more greenery to balcony gardening? Try buying some wall planters. These can be conveniently added to balcony walls and come in a range of shapes and sizes. You could make them yourself with some wooden crates and metal hooks. Plastic bottles may be repurposed and used as planters on the wall.

Smashing up some colors

Choose little funky furniture pieces to add to your balcony in your signature style – a little rug here, a ceramic frog there, a watering can in a corner, a window curtain, or a few cushions for your reading sofa. You have the luxury of color-coordinating these or making yourself go and picking up everything in a different color.

Green Screen

Wide ferns or bamboo screens may serve as a privacy screen while having minimal maintenance. Flowering creepers, such as honeysuckle and Dutchman’s pipe, are an enticing choice.

The End

Follow these tips and add a dash of your imagination to turn your balcony into a modern garden design as you’ve never seen before. Beautify your little room so you can relax and appreciate the beauty surrounding you.