Are you buying large custom stamps? Here is what to know


Every business, when starting off, does have to go through a rough tight budget. However, you can’t ignore the value of putting out a professional image of your organization in front of the audience and clients. With all your office stationery, you just have to add small to large self-inking stamps for optimum convenience and achieve your business’s cost-efficiency in the long run.

Rather than spending high money on custom print letters, labels, envelopes, and many other sales materials, most savvy corporate personnel use custom self-inking stamps to maintain a professional image without spending big finances.

Beneficial features of large self-inking stamps

Unlike the traditional inking rubber stamp, using a self-inking stamp comes with more convenience as it is a standalone product with the ink stored in a plastic cartridge within the stamping tool, which is rather easy for storage, travel, and use. With increase your business growth via using large custom stamps, you don’t need any separate ink pad since the ink pad is built into the stamp.

The many times you use it, here the stamp’s impression keeps on rotating in and out of the ink pad each time as you apply pressure on top of it. The rubber dies uniquely re-inks when not in use and resting on the pad. This mechanism helps with keeping the ink pad airtight, so it wouldn’t dry out soon.

The self-inking stamps are highly efficient for stamping multiple documents non-stop, such as marking orders, signing documents or contracts, clearing invoices, etc. Since the self-inking stamp ink cartridge can make thousands of impressions, you can expect to use the same ink pad for more than two years.

Since the ink in large self-inking stamps comes water-based, the impression can take longer to dry than the traditional inking stamps. They are a great stamping solution for addressing your everyday mail, papers, gifts or envelopes, etc. The larger stamps can be used more than as a stationery tool.

You can just customize your self-inking stamps and use them on a wide variety of projects, whether personal or business uses. These tools are inexpensive and easy to apply. Here are some ideas you can use the large-size stamp tools.

Common applications of custom self-inking stamps:

· Art Projects

Regardless of your business size, today, the application of art and craft has become an integral part of marketing efforts. So, whether it’s for your business or using art as a hobby, you can use large custom stamps to enhance the quality of your art projects. You can use these stamps as guides for painting, drawing, crocheting, etc. Moreover, use them for putting out extra details on your art pieces to share as gifts.

· Marketing materials

Whether it’s about product packages or putting an impression on your business brand, custom stamps can do an exceptional job in promoting your brand by putting on the company logo, address, and other necessary details of the marketing materials. From business cards to menus, product tags to paper bags, and more. You can use this simple and affordable solution to help your brand promote and grow business.

· Wooden crafts

If you want to put some DIY ideas on your wooden crafts for a personal touch or authenticate your company furniture, using large self-inking stamps can be helpful. You can put a personalized design on the impressions and put them on the tables, chairs, wooden coasters, and more. You can get high-quality stainless steel sleek and durable large self-inking stamps measuring 2 3/16″ X 3 3/8″ for customized models.

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