COVID-19 Test: Get Fit-to-Fly Certificate for Travel


Today all over the world is getting affected by the COVID-19 virus in this pandemic situation. Most of the people are getting tired of being in the lockdown and anxious to traveling on flights. But some of the publics are in the necessity of wandering to their own country or for personal reasons. If you are in a doubt or being confused about the process to get the fit-to-fly certificate to refer below to know about the steps you need to follow. This fit for travel certificate is written by a doctor to ensure that you are suitable for flying. 

Time to appoint your test kit

You will order your test kit at any time earlier, but make sure that the ordering time is at least 7-10 days before you are traveling on the flight. At weekend times it gets delay by additionally 2 days. So, try to place your order on the test kid in advance before you are fly to internationals. 

The valid time of the certificate 

The validation time of the fit for the flying certificate is valid till you are on the flight. This permit is not getting accept if you get the letter a week or months ago. In several countries and airlines, they specify that how recent the certificate must be. If you are in an enduring health condition, you may need a new permit each time you are flying on the flight. 

Test working method

Once you ordered a kit, they will send you through this by post-delivery option. All you need to do is take the sample of you properly, and it contains a traced, postage-paid envelop to return the sample to the laboratory. Once the lab is examining your sample, they could send the result of the test through the mail. They also mail the pathology report of yours along with the fit-to-fly certificate that contains the authorized signature and date. 

Current travel guidelines

Nowadays, few airlines and destinations need the testing and certificates to be supplied within 48-96 hours of leaving. Testing all the travellers previous to flying aids to reduce the COVID-19 spread in flight. The travel regulations are getting changed based on the present situation, so be in touch with the government’s websites to know about these kinds of traveling details. 

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Cost of the fit-to-fly certificate 

The cost of the fit for the flying certificate is getting vary by the type of test you require or additional check-ups. Some private travel insurances are charged based on the person’s health condition.  

Accurateness of the test 

The PCR swab test can determine whether you have an active COVID-19 infection or without symptoms. These corona tests are extremely accurate with the right sampling technique, so make sure your sample collection directions carefully. 

Available places of the certificate 

You can get the fit for a travel certificate from many passport health locations across your country. Contact your nearby local passport centre to check the availability of the corona test and the fit-to-fly certificate. 

Final lines 

By using the above procedures properly, you can get the fit-to-fly certificate easily. Use the permit then have a safe and happy journey to your destination place.