How to clean & maintain your rubber stamps for long-lasting?


Custom Rubber Stamps in Perth have several advantages; if you want their durability to last, you must take excellent care of them. You must maintain them clean if you want clear imprints every time, especially when you use different coloured inks. Inadequately cleaning your stamps may cause colour disfiguration and affect the design of your imprint.

To achieve the greatest results, you must take extra precautions for your stamps to maintain them in good shape. Every stamp manufacturer offers certain precautions to maintain the rubber stamp. However, if no instructions are provided, use the easy stamp-cleaning process below. We guarantee that your custom rubber stamps in Perth will leave flawless imprints by following the guides below.


You may require the following items for cleaning the stamps:

Stamp Cleaner or Soap and Water: 

Most non-staining inks may be removed with mild soapy water. A fresh toothbrush is excellent for removing ink lodged in the nooks and crannies of your rubber stamp. There are several excellent stamping cleaners available on the market. Rubber stamp cleansers gently scrub and polish them. Some stamping cleaners are designed to work with specific inks. For instance, the Memories stamping cleaner is excellent for removing the Memories ink from rubber stamps. It is also excellent for removing water-soluble inks.

Stamp Scrubbers or Toothbrushes: 

Stamp scrubber is reusable rough scrubbing sheets that securely and efficiently get into the small crevices within rubber stamps to eliminate ink that would otherwise be difficult to reach. We strongly advise using a stamp scrubber and a clean paintbrush to thoroughly clean your stamps before storing them.

What will you require for cleaning your stamps?

There are several methods for cleaning rubber Custom Stamps in Perth successfully. Maintaining the rubber stamps is critical if you’re going to get the most out of them. You may buy a rubber stamp cleaning product or clean them at home using common household objects. You will need the following cleaning supplies for this method:

  • Baby wipes that are devoid of alcohol
  • Soap and water
  • Sponge
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper scraps

Cleaning your rubber stamps

To start cleaning your stamps:

  1. Grab a used piece of material and push your stamp repeatedly until all the extra ink has been gone.
  2. Scrub the outer layer with the sponge and warm soapy water until clean.
  3. When cleaning your stamps with a sponge, ensure no dust or extra sponge follicles adhere to the outermost layer of the ink pad. If the ink has accumulated over time, you can additionally use an old toothbrush.

This can help you clean inside the cracks and difficult-to-reach regions of your rubber stamp. Wipe the stamp’s surface with a baby wipe to remove any residual ink or soap. To verify that the stamp is clean, blot it dry with a paper towel and press it on a clean sheet of paper. Keep some extra baby wipes available for cleaning the stamp after each use. This will avoid ink buildup and guarantee that your stamp operates properly every time.

Tips for maintaining the quality of your rubber stamps

When cleansing the rubber stamps, try not to immerse them in water with the wooden stamps. This might harm the ink pads & cause them to come away from the stamp’s shaft.

If you clean your stamps with acetone or oil-based chemicals, you risk permanently damaging the ink pad and drying it out. After each usage, push the custom stamps in Perth down to eliminate any extra ink; this will aid in future cleaning.

Remember to never keep your stamps when they’re wet or have an ink buildup. We strongly advise that you clean the custom, self-inking, or rubber stamps regularly to keep them in good shape. This will extend the stamping life and provide clean, crisp imprints with each usage.

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