Reasons Why We Love Chicken?


For a variety of reasons, chicken is king in the food industry. Anyone who isn’t a vegetarian will tell you how utterly dependent they are on chicken. To put it simply, chicken is the most popular kind of fowl in the world. Is it truly healthy to eat chicken? Why chicken is loved by the non-vegetarians so much? Let’s have a look at the reasons below-

  1. It’s a healthy choice
    As chicken is a high-quality protein source, having healthy chicken dinner is considered to be very nutritious. Other nutrients included in chicken include: vitamin B12, iron, potassium magnesium, and calcium.
    But what about the serving size, then? The normal serving size of chicken is around the size of a deck of cards, or about three ounces. Instead of fried chicken or spicy wings, go for skinless portions baked, roasted, or grilled for the leanest cuts.
  2. It’s easy and convenient
    “Sold out” signs in the chicken aisle aren’t uncommon. Every grocery and restaurant has chicken on hand, and it’s usually cheaper than other meats like hog and beef.
    It’s also a breeze to prepare, and the ingredients are readily available. To make meal planning easier, chicken is a great option. For the same reason, they rely on pre-cooked rotisserie chickens from the grocery store. Rotisserie chickens sans skin are usually available at most supermarkets, but if that isn’t the case, you may easily remove it yourself. The fat content may be reduced by removing the skin before diving in.
  3. It’s a versatile crowd pleaser
    Chicken is particularly family friendly since it appeals to a wide variety of tastes. While it’s also great for outdoor gatherings and barbeques. Every cooking technique and taste profile may be accommodated by a chicken dish.
    You may use chicken marinades to bring out the best in your chicken. From a few hours to overnight, you may marinate chicken for your next dinner party dish. Spice rubs may also be used to enhance the taste of a dish. You may prepare your own marinades and rubs at home, or you can hunt for low-sodium and low-sugar ones in the grocery store.
  4. Improving one’s health
    Whether you have a cold or the flu, physicians often prescribe chicken soup as part of your recovery diet. Soup serves to boost the body’s immunological cells, while the steam from the soup clears the nose. Eating chicken in the form of soup is the greatest approach to recover from most illnesses and colds.
  5. Perfect for beautiful skin
    You don’t have to spend a lot of money on high-end skin oils and creams if you think your skin needs a little TLC after a hot summer. Your skin will be organically replenished if you eat chicken on a regular basis. Vitamin B2, more generally known as riboflavin, is found in high concentrations in chicken livers and has been shown to significantly alleviate skin issues while also mending damaged or dry skin.


There are several advantages to eating chicken, and the flavor isn’t awful too. But of course, eating deep-fried variations won’t do you as much good as other varieties may. Incorporating chicken into your diet helps keep you healthy while also pleasing your taste buds.