Self-inking Rubber Stamps- the New Trend Over Ordinary Stamping


Do you have to write and repeat signing your name or other company information on hundreds of paper documents? Using a stamping solution might save you from too much writing effort. The traditional stamping system has revolutionized over the years. With the arrival of self-inking stamps in Brisbane, stamping in official papers with clear and precise printing has now become possible. As the term implies, Self-inking stamps work on that mechanism where the rubber is automatically coated with ink when slight pressure is applied.

This system offers an advantage over using the ordinary stamp where you have to carry an inking pad, but self-inking eliminates that requirement. This also saves you time from frequently checking whether the rubber stamp has enough ink on it or not. Besides that, self-inking rubber stamps also offer the advantage of producing the same pattern style every time you use them without causing any inconsistency. You can also make a custom design of your Self-inking rubber stamps, so you have a plethora of their application option. So, how do these stamps work? Let’s learn about that from below.

The working mechanism of Self-inking stamps

Generally, the self-inking stamps are manufactured with three components such as the stamp top, the stamp pad, and a housing unit which is also used as the handle. When you use the stamp, it needs to be placed on the paper, and a slight application of pressure that would depress the handle half an inch to create the impression.

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Here the ink is held in tiny, microporous cavities in the custom letter or images. When the pressure is exerted, ink releases to create a perfect impression each time. In self-inking stamps in Brisbane, the ink would not dry out or evaporate.

Various applications of Self-inking stamps

Self-inking is considered as most cost-effective stamping solution and is suited for large-scale stamping. Although these stampers need to be re-inked on a regular basis, they can be used for producing thousands of impressions. You can utilize self-inking stamps in Brisbane with a variety of inks. A Self-Inking Stamp automates the traditional rubber stamp by re-inking itself with a tiny built-in ink pad for each quality impression.

You can use these stamps to mark envelopes, business documents, letters, etc. A majority of businesses require adding a return address on their documents, so purchasing self-inking rubber stamps and easily add all the information you want to add to each document by customizing the stamps with more speed than the traditional stamps.

All you have to do is put the stamp on the paper and apply a bit of pressure to create an impressive print. By customizing your self-inking stamp, you can add uniqueness to your documents and personal touch. Further, this would reflect positively on your professional image while enhancing your brand image.

Not just logo, or address stamp, you can also customize your self-inking stamp to liaising stamps to streamline your document processing activity. Prepare stamps with terms such as Thank You, Paid, Unpaid, Approved, Pending, Return to sender, etc., that your business documents frequently need to use and save much of your time with such paperwork.

Self-inking rubber stamps have helped with easing the workload considerably. It’s recommended that you should not use font size less than 8 points so you can create perfect impressions and easily distinguish between characters while increasing readability.

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