What is the difference between self-inking stamps and pre-inked stamps?


Types Of Rubber Stamps

Many styles are accessible for every hand-held stamp. These include the traditional rubber stamps, pre-inked stamps, and self-inking stamps. Buy self-inking stamps online at a very reasonable price. The traditional rubber stamp needs a separate ink pad, whereas the pre-inked and self-inked stamps, such as
role of personalized self inking stamps to enhance productivity of your startup, make a faster, cleaner, and more consistent impression than the traditional stamp. Usually, people get confused with the self-inked and pre-inked stamps and assume them to de similar, whereas the fact is that they are not similar at all.

Overall, there are three types of rubber stamps available in the market:

  1. Traditional rubber stamps
  2. Pre-inked stamps
  3. Self-Inking stamps

Each sort of stamp has characteristics to fit your practice, whether you need them at home or in the office.

What is the core distinction between pre-inked and self-inking stamps?

In a pre-inked stamp, there is an ink tank just behind the stamp, which needs to be filled with oil-based ink.

In a Self-Inking Stamp, there is a built-in water-based ink pad that reinks after every impression made in the document. Buy self-inking stamps online at a very reasonable price.

Which Ink Stamp Is Best?

Before selecting an ink stamp, you must know what is best for you and plan how to use it.

The traditional wooden handle rubber stamp is best while using the specialty inks because the ink pad is separate from its body, enabling you to use various color inks with the same stamp.

The most expensive stamps are pre-inked stamps as they have loner durability without the requirement to get re-inked. These stamps are profitable for impressions, including details such as logos, as they offer the best quality image.

Buy self-inking stamps online as they are the most cost-effective and are the best for large quantities of stamping. Self-inking stampers need regular re-inking, but they can be used with many kinds of inks.

What are the differences?

Pre-Inked Highpoints

Rubber die is not used in a pre-inked stamp. These stamps display the customized data into a vessel filled with ink within the stamp. This process permits the ink droplets to soak through the impression area only from the ink tank behind the stamp.

These stamps should be re-inked using liquid ink only. They need to use the same color as you have used in the initial ink stamp. You should use specific ink for the producer of the stamp mount that you have chosen.

  • A pre-inked stamp forms a hard, sharp, highest-quality impression
  • It is a long-lasting ink stamp with around 50,000 impressions
  • Solid stands of the stamps are easy and clean to work with
  • It is easy to refill with ink, but it is necessary to always use the same type of ink.
  • It is preferred for stamps with logos
  • These contain oil-based ink

Self-Inking Highpoints

The self-inking stamp can make a traditional rubber stamp function mechanically by using a small built-in ink pad to automatically re-ink for a high-quality impression. Your customized die is made up of real rubber, and the handle of the ink stamp will be of your choice.

The initial link in the stamp comes with the first purchase, but you have to fill it out later. Just ensure that the ink must be the same as the initial ink.

  • A self-inking stamp is great for stamping repetitively and rapidly
  • It works rapidly with a humble press
  • It can handle heavy and rough use
  • It can use various inks, which is convenient for periodic re-inking
  • These stamps make around 10,000 impressions before they need re-inking again
  • It is very easy to refill ink on your own
  • It is cost-friendly and leaves a good quality impression
  • These stamps contain water-based ink

From the above blog, we learned about the difference between the self-inking stamp and pre-inking stamp and which one is the best.

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