11 Bond Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid


When you have made up your mind on the thought of moving out of rental living space, one of the major concerns is to get back the deposit amount. If you are willing to get the deposit back, then you need to clean the premises in the best possible way before you hand over the keys to the landlord. In that situation, bond cleaning is a must to tackle some of the rigid landlords’ and real estate agents’ rental bonds.

In general, cleaning may not be difficult or technical, but mistakes happening is very obvious. If you are a tenant, making such mistakes can get costly if you have to please your landlord with the terms and conditions of the apartment. According to the observation of bond back cleaning services, some common mistakes that can make cleaning on yourself very hectic are permanent stains on the carpet or walls, filthy surfaces, worn-out furniture and defective equipment.

However, when you are occupied with multiple moving-related tasks, focusing on cleaning can become very difficult. When not given priority to the bond cleaning, it allows the property owners to deduct the hefty amount from your bond. This is the main reason that people choose to hire professional bond back cleaning services in Melbourne, which offer efficient and reliable services. With the usage of advanced equipment and modern methods, every corner of the property looks hygienic and spotless, so a final inspection can be done easily.

If you are in the situation of moving house and want to get 100% of your bond back, here are 11 common mistakes rounded up that you need to avoid.

1. Not Prioritizing Preparation

All people prefer to do bond cleaning at the eleventh hour because the main priority is given to the packing of the stuff. Keeping cleaning on the last of your list will almost assure you to receive a complaint or remark from the landlord. Give equal preference to the cleaning just like packing, later it becomes feasible to get your bond back. Once you are done with the packing, schedule a day or night before moving for cleaning.

Putting the cleaning task for the last minute means inappropriate cleaning and recklessly leaving more spots which can be more time-consuming. Procrastinating bond back cleaning would not only have an impact on money but it would require much impact on your efforts and time. While saving your time and doing bond cleaning in the hustle, you can ignore many important areas of the house.

Instead of making this blunder, get started early and finish one area cleaning at one time.

2. Not Getting Professional Help

Most people often choose to clean the space themselves for the sake of saving money on professional bond back cleaners, but it is a disaster. It is completely fine to do dusting and vacuuming on your own, but if you want to do bond back cleaning then definitely you need professional bond back cleaning services. No matter how much hard work and effort you invest or the time you devote to cleaning, it is never going to match the level and quality of professionals.

The professionals who offer the best bond back cleaning services in Melbourne have developed their skills over years of experience and training. In addition to that, they have modern equipment and modern techniques to get the job done efficiently and as early as possible.

3. Choosing Cleaning Before Vacating

Large equipment and bulky furniture restrain to reach some areas and properly clean the house. According to the bond back cleaners, many people have accumulated a plethora of stuff in the house while cleaning, which do not give them access to reach particular places and it results in inefficient cleaning. However, when people neglect that part, at the time of inspection, those spots can be highlighted very easily. Those spots are left because of decluttering of the goods at the time of cleaning.

While taking the advice of professional bond back cleaning services in Melbourne, empty the house first as it assists in speeding up the procedure. So, cleaning before moving the stuff eventually make your task double, because once the things will be moved, you need to clean the area again. Thus, to avoid extra work and minimize the mess of cleaning, it is recommended to move the things first out of the house then initiate the task of cleaning.

4. Inappropriate Vacuuming Methods

Using a vacuum cleaner for cleaning a carpet is one of the prominent tasks because it is not as easy as it looks. Carpet is the most important thing which every landlord inspects carefully. Using vacuum in one direction only is not removing dust from the carpet, even though you may notice a colour shift, but it is accumulating dirt under it and can be stuck there for a very long time. According to the process, that bond back cleaners use, vacuum the carpet by moving it forward and backwards.

A maximum number of carpets have complex fabric fibres and by cleaning in such a way, you can reach these fibres from each angle and get a better result in cleaning. One basic reason for cleaning the carpet properly is, that the bond money mainly depends upon the condition of the carpets. You should always clean your carpet one day before the final inspection rather than doing it days before.

5. Neglected Fans and Filters

Exhaust fans and filters of chimney contains dirt very quickly but they are one of the most neglected areas of the property. In any case, you have not put much attention to those things but the landlord has a keen eye for the dirt available in those. You need to be more vigilant in these difficult areas if you want to get the bond back. During the tenancy, we can avoid cleaning those areas but when it comes to the deposit, you cannot leave any stone unturned in cleaning such fans and filters as well.

Although not cleaning the fans and filters can clog the appliances also, which later can clog your money. The exhaust fans can be easily cleaned with warm water and soap. However, cleaning air ducts is not a DIY project, and it should be done by professional bond back cleaners. While cleaning the fans and removing oil and grease stains use baking soda and hot boiling water to clean the blades. You can also use some things from your kitchen like lemons and white vinegar to clean the fans and chimney filters. Thus, you should not neglect their cleanliness.

6. Upholstery Cleaning in Water

One more common mistake in cleaning is to clean the upholstery with water when you have wine, coffee or any other type of stain on that. Water tends to magnify or worsen the situation of such stains. Liquids can assist in cushioning to soak the water and it can be even harder and almost impossible to wipe out the stain. Furthermore, the seats may not dry completely, which results in a stinky odour, obliterating any chances of getting your money back.

This will also prevent your sofa set from drying properly and mould can set in with time. Even though the surface seems dry, some amount of water can gather beneath the surface and stay there for 2-3 days maximum. If you are interested to clean it yourself then obtain knowledge from professional bond back cleaning services on how to clean the upholstery efficiently.

7. Spray Cleaning on Electronics

It is prohibited to use window cleaners or detergent sprays on electronic equipment like LCDs, Computers or phones etc. because it can cause major damage to the products. A paper towel should not be used, as the wood fibres can also cause serious harm. The professional bond back cleaners always prefer to use a microfiber cloth. If you are in deep cleaning of the equipment, you can make a liquid of water and vinegar with a proportion of 50/50. Spray that liquid on the cloth, never on the electronics directly, and clean the surface gently.

8. Sunny Day is a Window Washing Day

You must have scheduled a sunny day for cleaning windows. Even though after cleaning windows you are not able to get a streak-free finish. The reason behind that is when you spray window cleaner, the solution gets evaporated even before you wipe it off with the cloth. It eventually leaves stains on the glass that are difficult to clean. So, always choose to clean the windows on a cloudy day.

9. Leaving Dishwasher cleaning

The kitchen appliance we mostly forget to clean in the dishwasher. The most prominent part you need to pay attention to is the dishwasher filter. That filter is meant to absorb the dirt from the dishes, its constant cleaning is a must. You should always take help from the manual book of the dishwasher on how to detach the filter and clean it.

For better results in cleaning, soak it in the soap for almost 30 minutes. Once the cleaning is done, attach it back into the washer and place a cup of detergent in the container, start the machine with a hot water cycle. This process will clean all the grease and remove the odours from the washer.

10. Not Bothering About the Outdoor Areas of the House

According to bond back cleaners, while moving out of the house, most people think that the landlord will only inspect the inside part of the house, but this is not true. While holding this thought, people forget or avoid cleaning the outside areas of the house. You should never forget that the house owner is looking to grab an opportunity to keep the deposit. To get the bond back courtyards, backyards, balconies and patios should be looked at as important as the interior of the house.

11. Experimenting with DIY

When people watch some videos online, they also feel encouraged and motivated to do it themselves. Although, it does not give you the exact results as it was given in the video, and time is not ideal to do such experiments also. Bond back cleaning is meant to get the money back rather than wasting your time and efforts on doing the experiments.

Enlist the professional bond back cleaning services in Melbourne and leave the burden of cleaning on them. The team of professional bond back cleaners hold the expertise and know what kind of inspections the house owners do, so in the end, you will get a spotless house and you will receive your bond back without any stress.