Benefits of Installing 100KW Solar System


One of the popular commercial solar system sizes is the 100kw solar system. It is a large capacity solar system generating 12000 units per month. It is highly suitable for businesses with high energy usage and pays the huge electricity bill. This solar system contains high-quality components – a solar inverter and solar panels.

The 100kw solar system cost has been reduced in recent years, and thus many companies wish to invest in this large capacity solar system. According to the brand you choose, the cost of the solar system will differ. Due to this, it is recommended to get a quote from multiple solar companies and compare them to find the reliable one.

Things to know about 100KW solar power system

The 100KW solar power system is extremely large for households. But, it is extremely suitable for government offices, mid-sized businesses, and big industries. Here are the main things about this solar system.

  • This solar system suits businesses with higher energy usage and confronts high annual electricity bills. It is available in three types – on-grid, off-grid and hybrid. So, choose the right system according to your needs.
  • The on-grid solar system works well with the Government electricity, whereas the off-grid solar system comprises solar batteries for backup. The hybrid system has the facilities of both off-grid and on-grid solar systems.
  • You can install around 160 watts/square meters with modern solar panels. It means your installation will need between 600 and 700 square meters of the rooftop area. If your building has the required area, you will install this solar system easily and enjoy its value for longer.
  • Individual modules are accessible in a huge range of capacities. However, most range from 250W to 330W. So, for a 100KW commercial solar system, you must use between 300 and 400 individual modules.
  • This solar system accesses commercial-scale inverters, which can handle more than 100 modules each. It indicates that the project will use 3 or 4 inverters.
  • The project’s total cost may look expensive initially, but after subtracting the rebate from the STCs, you need to spend a minimal amount. It is worth your investment in the long run.
  • Companies that demand huge electricity must install 100KW solar power because it helps them reduce the power charges shortly and saves more money.

Pros of installing 100KW solar system

As said earlier, big industries and institutions need to pay a considerable amount for power every month. Upon investing a big amount once and installing the 100KW solar panels in your commercial space, you will stay away from these hefty power charges.

Although you will not save more initially, you will grab the real value in the long run. Solar energy is the vital key strategic decision that guarantees a solid financial return for your company. In addition, it generates quick payback and long-term savings.

The government provides many incentives for solar power. You can utilize them to reduce the cost of solar panels. It is beneficial to investigate the commercial solar power grants and rebates to make your investment more cost-effective.

Do you know that you can share the unused power to the energy grid and get the feed-in traffic? It helps you get some amount by excessively accessing the power produced by the solar panels.

Modern consumers want to engage with businesses that are socially responsible and future-focused. When you prioritize renewable, you will attract more audiences and consumers. These things will enhance your green reputation and build a positive public image.

Finally, a 100kw solar system is reliable and long-lasting. So, you will enjoy both short-term and long-term benefits. Once the system is installed, you will get electricity quietly, affordably and cleanly for up to 25-40years. For more information about 100kw solar system to contact Arise Solar.