7 Film Biographies to Inspire Every Business Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs and competent salespeople have nearly limitless opportunities to further their talents and skills. A great film will inspire your mind and help you bring your task to life with creativity, originality, vision, and flair. This post contains a list of some of the jukebox hit films. They set high expectations, caution about greed, and demonstrate the ethics required for real and long-term achievement.

Office Space

There are two types of motivation: constructive and negative. Positive motivation propels you ahead, while pessimistic motivation prevents you from regressing. This film acts as a lesson to developers that they can never take a corporate role again.

Cola Wars

The development of two of our most famous brands, Coke and Pepsi, is discussed in this documentary by Contemporary Marvels and the History Channel. It provides a wealth of knowledge on marketing a company, promotion and advertising, price wars, spreading into new territories, and competitiveness.

From hardly gaining any revenue in its first year to a packaging style that even the blind would remember to the way it has had to fight for trademark rights, Coke always has been a vital model for investors.


And if your family and friends aren’t enthusiastic, entrepreneurs should flock to see this celebration of launching your own company from the ground up. Inc.com will feature an exclusive clip from the DVD/BluRay extras later this summer. Keep an eye out for updates.

The Wolf of Wall Street

It tells the real story of Jordan Belfort’s bizarre rise to power and subsequent demise. He began off as a trustworthy Wall Street broker, but he rapidly turned into a dishonest one. On the projector, you’ll see the right mix of greed and desire.

What struck me the most was how he first persuaded others to join him. He converted those not-so-smart people into celebrity salespeople. If you’ve ever wanted to recruit someone on your own, you know how complicated it can be.

Margin Call

This film chronicles the activities of an investment company throughout a 24-hour cycle. The scene is set at the onset of the financial crisis in 2008. Besides, an inspiring cast of stars, including Zachary Quinto and Jeremy Irons, demonstrates how hard work and careful preparation can overcome any corroborating evidence that might be suppressed.

The Commitments

This film not only has excellent music, but it also tells the story of how a group of teenagers, led by a revolutionary, come together to create something bigger than they could have imagined. It also serves as a stark reminder of how fleeting serendipity can be.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Christopher Paul Gardner is played by Will Smith in this film. Stockbroker, philanthropist, and public speaker in real life. Christopher’s journey from homelessness with his baby son to being motivated by a Wall Street dealer in a Ferrari to trying to conquer the difficulties of starting his own company is chronicled in this inspiring and heartfelt biography.


These films have a lot to say, from being excited to start a company to have the courage to get through tough times.