Eco-Friendly Bathroom Renovations


Want to approach eco-friendly remodeling? Then Bathroom Renovations Geelong experts will help you.

Considering this concept lead to reducing the budget on remodeling and prevents creating an impact on the environment. This is why challenges in remodeling and clients’ demand growing further. With new natural materials and renewable energy technologies, people can increase the value of their homes. These changes not only enhance aesthetic of the house but also hike the worth of the property.

You can upgrade your home in an eco-friendly way by using available concepts. So let’s take a look at those unique bathroom renovation ideas.

Contact Eco-Expert Contractor

As the foremost step, find a contractor who has experience in eco-friendly remodeling projects. An expert who knows energy saving and water use technologies aids you to save a lot of money. Before considering an expert service, meet various Bathroom Renovations Geelong pros. Then finalize your choice, if you want to hire trusted and reputed firm professionals. Investing money in their knowledge will never go wrong to make you feel worthwhile.

Utilize Water-Wise Fixtures


Considering a conventional toilet leads to exploit 1.6 gallons per flush but outdated uses 3.5 to 7. So people should purchase a dual flush toilet, if they want to save water. These kinds of toilets have a vacuum mechanism, which mean they reduce water usage even more.


Now availing standard showerheads consume 2.5 gallons of water, but your old appliance uses up to 5.5 gallons. To estimate water flow, mark a bucket with a gallons line and put it into the shower. Then turn on the water and stop within one minute flow of water i.e. your flow rate in one minute.

Opt For Energy Saving Equipment

Water Heater

You can purchase a heat pump water heater, tankless water heater, condensing storage, and solar water heater.

Each one of the above not fails to render benefits and remains eco-friendly technology.

Exhaust Fan

Nowadays, you can easily buy an exhaust fan that uses less energy, quieter, and humidity sensors. It is because they are great in performance and clear the air faster. During installation make sure to fix it out of the home to attain improved quality air.


Install a skylight or solar tube and create a glass block for exterior walls to let in light. While buying light fixtures, look for the best brand to obtain uncompromising energy-efficient products. More than typical incandescent bulbs certified LED lights help you to save high energy. It is a long-term investment for you and lasts 25 times longer than ideal bulbs.

Install Eco-Cabinets & Vanities

The best Bathroom Renovations use plywood, pressed wood, and particleboard material cabinets. Besides, safer materials are formaldehyde-free woods, solid wood, recycled wood, reclaimed wood, and recycled concrete.

To replace countertops, choose those that contain glass, paper, steel, concrete, tile, and wood.

Use Sustainable Floor and Wall Coverings

In general, floor and wall coverings are available in various options with different categories. In that case, go with either a high percentage of recycled or aesthetic content. To obtain a less conventional renovation bamboo, cork, natural plasters, or concrete materials are the right choice. Other than this, you can also exploit tiles made of reclaimed wood and ivory palm tiles.

Recycle What You Can

Whenever handling remodeling: construction debris remains not restorable, whereas decent fixtures can be. During this situation better ask for Bathroom Renovations Geelong expert service. They will aid you to renovate with eco-friendly appliances. You can sell your old vanity, sink, or toilet like any substance on the online market.