Indicators Of The Slate Roof Replacement!


Are you installed slate and worried about when to do slate roof replacement? Keep in mind that slate is the most elegant and regal roofing material on the market. Unfortunately, when it ages, it starts to wear down, and thus the lifespan of the roof will begin to reduce. As a result, the homeowners will confront the dilemma of repairing the roof or replacing the expensive slate.

Deciding between repair and replacement is a big deal. As a homeowner, you need to calculate many things to make the right decision that suits your needs and budget. One of the best ways to decide is to find the exact problem and its cause. For instance, if you have a slate roof leakage, contact the contractor and check whether a slate roof leak repair service is enough.

If the contractor showcases the green signal, then go with that option. Always listen to the suggestions of the roofing contractors because they know the condition of the roof more than you. Even though the cost of replacing the slate roof is expensive, doing it at the right time saves your home from big mishaps. Here are the major signs of roof replacement over repair.

Signs to replace the slate roof 

  • Moisture damage

You should pay immediate attention as soon as you notice moisture damage on the rafters or in the attic. Remember that soft, brittle, or failing slate titles often absorb moisture and cause rot.

Once you find the evidence of moisture damage, you should understand that the slate is too old to salvage. When you fail to replace the slate quickly, it will weaken the entire roof and increase the risk of falling.

  • Higher energy bills

Another important sign of replacing the slate roof is the high energy bills. If you continuously get high electricity bills, you should check your roof. Failing slate roofs will lose reflectivity and make them inefficient.

As a result, it causes discomfort in your home and makes your HVAC units work more than usual. All these aspects will drive up your energy costs. Replacing the slate roof is much better than paying more electricity bills monthly. You can think about it twice before saying no replacement work.

  • Delamination

Slate is a natural stone that forms in strong but distinct layers. While reaching the end, these layers may start to split apart in the process known as delamination. As a result, it makes the roof less sturdy and more prone to breakages and leaks.

Unfortunately, you will not find the damage in the slate unless there are clear gaps and flakes. Whenever you are unsure what delamination looks like, you must ask the roofing contractor to check it out.

  • Age

Do you notice frequent leaks, delamination, or broken tiles? If yes, then the problem accelerates because the roof ages. So, you should take preventative measures quickly to avoid spending more time and money. Instead of repairing the roof multiple times, you can replace it completely if it exists for a certain period.

The slate roof will work well for about 100 years. However, in many cases, you will confront several issues before the slate’s original lifespan because of environmental factors or poor maintenance. So, access the overall conditions of the roof closely to ensure whether the roof replacement is required.

Once you decide to perform slate roof replacement, you should look around and hire a reputable roofing contractor. Using their expertise and knowledge, they will replace the roof with high-quality slate materials and restore the property’s beauty. In addition, they recommend certain maintenance steps to avoid problems with the roof. To know more information about slate roof replacement to contact top tier slate roofing.