Link Building Velocity: a Key Factor in Your SEO Strategy


When it comes to boosting a website’s search engine rankings, the issue of link-building velocity has become a hot topic in the SEO world. Building links too quickly may raise a red signal in Google’s internal procedures, thus it’s important for a site to create links at a comparable or slightly higher pace than its rivals.


What Is Link Building Velocity?

Expert SEO company use link building as a tactic to get other websites to link back to their own. In the most competitive businesses, such as the online casino industry, SEO plays a key role in capturing organic traffic from search engines; this is especially true. An increasing number of high-quality backlinks to your site will result in an increase in the amount of traffic you get.

The measure by which your link-building operations are timed is known as the link-building velocity. The rate at which connections are being constructed over a certain period of time is measured here. Backlinks are added to your site’s profile on a monthly basis, thus the time period is generally the number of links that are added each month.

Factors That Are Essential To Consider

Your link-building velocity approach must take into account a slew of variables. It’s important to remember not to compromise on backlink quality in order to speed up the link development process.

When determining whether or not a site is suitable for a backlink, numerous aspects must be taken into account by an expert SEO company.

The following are a few of these elements:

  1. Topicality

    This aspect is a piece of cake. For example, if you want to increase traffic to a website that sells gym equipment, you’ll want to target health and fitness-related websites for link-building reasons. There are two reasons why linking to websites discussing the newest console games, for example, will not be optimal.

    First and foremost, it informs Google that this connection is being used only for the goal of developing links, a fact that might result in a penalty. Secondly, the proportion of readers who are interested in gym equipment on a gaming website is likely to be smaller than on a health and fitness-related website.

    Alternatively, as long as you can relate to your site, it’s still a good idea to extend out into other fields. Using the same example, a post discussing the advantages of home gyms would be ideal for a website devoted to home improvement and DIY, and it could organically link back to your page on gym equipment.

  2. Distribution of Anchor Text

    The distribution of anchor text is a straightforward concept. In this case, the hyperlink may be seen in the viewable text. You may get to a website by clicking on the characters here. The anchor text used in various articles should be varied.

    When the anchor text used varies from article to article and is relevant to the context, this will seem more natural. Additionally, it is best practice to connect your site’s content to a variety of distinct pages rather than the same one over and over again.

  3. Budget

    Having stated that, the most critical aspect to take into account is your financial situation. It’s possible that purchasing backlinks is a very successful and efficient technique, but it may also become exceedingly expensive very quickly.

    In order to begin a long-term link-building plan, one must first budget wisely and make sure that they have the money to sustain it. A Google penalty is probable for any link-building strategy that sees a steady rise and fall in the number of links pointing to a website. In the long run, it’s better to adopt a methodical strategy that yields more gradual results.

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A constant eye on this measure will help keep Google at bay. With this, if you’re careful and diligent in your hunt for the right sites to develop backlinks, you’ll most likely fall within the acceptable link-building velocity by accident.

As a last consideration, we must look at our SEO plans with the help of an expert SEO company as a whole and make certain that we are putting in place the most cost-effective techniques possible.

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