Six Common Questions About Commercial Rooftop Solar


In recent years the solar system has been a great addition to businesses. The commercial solar panel can save a lot of money in a business. Businesses don’t have to rely on grid electricity. Instead, they can build their own power plant. Even with all these benefits, people often get so many questions about commercial solar installation. There are many questions associated with the process, and here we will cover the trending and most asked questions about solar panels for commercial purposes.

Can Solar Panels Generate Electricity on Snowy, Cloudy, or Rainy Days?

The solar light can easily generate electricity when there is visible light. The more light there is, and the more direct sun UV rays, the higher will be the energy production. There are so many factors responsible for solar energy production. These factors are weather, climate, and the quality of the solar system. If you live in a sunny area and a cloud passes over the panel, then the energy production will reduce.

Like that, in snowy weather or rainy days, the energy production will reduce. But if you have a bifacial solar panel, then you can make the most out of it on snowy days or rainy days. Bifacial solar panels can reflect more sunlight to solar panels and hence result in more energy production. You can add a tracker to your commercial solar installation as well. The tracker will help you to keep track of energy production throughout the day.

Cloudy Commercial Solar

Do You Need to Go Off the Grid After Switching to Solar?

You can do a thing unless you are using solar batteries. Solar batteries can store solar energy. But it is unlikely you will go off-grid after switching to commercial solar installation. Almost all the buildings use solar energy but at a lower energy cost. Going solar doesn’t mean completely eliminating the need for a grid. But you can make a sustainable energy source with solar.

How to Charge Tenants for Their Solar Energy Use?

Commercial buildings are profiting highly from solar energy. If you are using a solar energy solution, then you can sell it to your tenants as well by using an electric meter. The meter will show how much energy the tenant is using, and you can charge them accordingly. By using solar in a commercial building, you can take advantage of net metering (NEM). Net metering sends excess energy back to the grid, which will reduce your electricity bills.

How Much Can You Save on Monthly Electricity Bills After Going Solar?

According to data, you can reduce up to 75% cost on your electricity bills after switching to solar. There are so many ways to make your home more energy-efficient as well so that you can save more energy. Use trackers to see how much energy is generated by the solar system. You can use other tools that will show how much you can save from switching to solar.

Commercial Solar Systems

What Are the Discounts You Will Get by Switching to Solar?

The cost of solar energy has dropped by 90% in the last decade, and it will continue to drop. This is due to a combination of government mandates and corporate sustainability to reduce climate change. You will also get discounts by taking advantage of government incentives. You can check out the actual price to save your money on commercial solar panels of your location on the internet.

What Are the Benefits of Going Solar?

  • You will save money every month
  • Great for environment
  • Increase property value
  • Great ROI
  • Earn tax incentives

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