Everything You Need to Know About Personalised Date Stamp


Every legal or official document has its value, and its purpose is served only when the time and date are well elaborated upon in its signature area. Every private business or government firm works upon creating documents for taxes, finances, employee authentication and other such needs. A personalised date stamp is essential for such uses because some documents come with a validity point of concern. For most of the documents, there is a validity window, which can be verified only if the authorities know the date it was signed.

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It is not the only use of personalised date stamps but is the prime one. Therefore, this article intends to educate you more about the use of such date stamps.

The Importance of Date and Time Stamps

The date and time stamps come with the provision of allowing you to change the date and time element over the stamp base. Beyond the legal implications around dates in specific documents, it is also tough to write down dates on every page of a file. As the workloads are high around all government offices or organisations, such products are handy in making the process easy.

If you have set your hands on these stamps, you would possibly be able to stamp the date and time in hundreds of documents in very little time. If you intend to write the date and time manually, you might just take a couple of days or more to finish the same task!

Things to Consider while Using the Personalised Date Stamp

When you are planning on using the personalised date stamp for your documents, you need to be concerned about the legal implications that revolve around that particular date. The evident problem that occurs with many individuals at offices is that they forget to change the dates on the stamp on the following day. It is fine under some circumstances, where the date is not of prime concern!

But if you are handling legal court documents, this mistake could cost you a lot. Therefore, if you are date stamping documents every day, make it a habit to change the stamp base for the dates every day. Do it right before you start your work for the day!

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How to Use the Date Stamps?

Here are the steps for using different types of date or time stamps:

  1. Traditional Number/Date Stamps

  • Depress the clip or button over the side of your stamp, and then release your die plate.
  • Now, lift the die plate away as they are hinged.
  • Make adjustments for the date with the use of wheels offered over the stamped product.
  • Once you are done with the adjustments, make sure you carefully close the die plate.
  1. Professional Line Number or Date Stamps

  • Press the stamp down and hold the 2 locking buttons. The buttons will be located on either side of the stamp.
  • Now, release the stamp to ensure that it gets locked.
  • Make adjustments for the number or date with the use of given wheels.
  • Push down the stamp a little, and then you can release it. Hence, this will release the stamp’s locking mechanism.
  • You are ready to use the date or time stamp with your set figures.

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So, this is all that you must know about personalised date stamps! It will eventually help if you start a job where you need to stamp the documents with precise date and time information.

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