How to Safely Remove Wall Stickers Without Damaging Your Wall


Do you like to paste a sticker on your wall? Of course, yes, because wall stickers Perth add a beautiful touch to your wall. Because most wall stickers have a vinyl covering that makes them water and cleaner resistant, you will not be able to wash them off the wall once you are done with them. Because the glue is pressure-sensitive, ordinary water may make it more difficult to remove the sticker without causing damage to the wall.

Removing the old sticker correctly ensures that the wall surface under it looks as excellent as before the sticker was applied. Vinyl stickers are one of the fun ways to personalize your space. Vinyl is strong, durable, and easy to clean, whether you put up team logos in the locker room or a good saying in the family room. But what happens if you decide you do not want those stickers on your wall anymore? Here you can get an idea to remove the wall sticker from your wall safely:

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Remove Leftover Adhesive

To remove any adhesive sticker from the wall decal, gently scrub the wall with warm, soapy water. Scrubbing too hard can damage the paint, especially if the vinyl removal has already weakened it. If the glue doesn’t come off, you may need to use a professional glue remover. This step is essential if you remove a sticker from a window or glass door. Instead of removing wall stickers normally, you can use modern removable wall art Stickers, so that removing them will be easy.


Using an iron to remove the glue of the wall stickers in Perth is one of the procedures. In addition, you can also place a wet cloth over the iron and run it over the whole sticker. The heat will soften the glue once more, and the sticker will peel off easily. So, when you have removed your wall sticker, you will again apply it to a different wall, which you believe is the greatest approach to reuse your wall sticker. However, there are alternative options for recycling your wall stickers and decals.

Peel Away Wall Stickers With Olive Oil

Olive oil is another option for safely removing wall stickers without damaging your paint finish. Olive oil loosens sticky items from the wall using its oily make-up. Using removable wall art stickers, you can easily wipe up the sticker by using a single drop of oil. Allow the olive oil to soak into the dry erase wall decals and keep for a few minutes. Remove the stickers gently and rinse them with clean water.

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Vinegar and Warm Water

It is another excellent way to remove stickers by mixing a few ounces of white vinegar into a bucket of warm water. If you are using a spray bottle, combine 50 percent water and 50 percent vinegar, and then use a sponge with1 part vinegar to 6 parts warm water should work. Allow the vinegar mixture to sit for a few minutes before removing it, depending on applying it.

Clothes Steamer

If you have a chance to have a clothing steamer on hand, you can use it for both cleaning and ironing. Place the steamer near the wall stickers Perth and wait for the glue to soften. The sticky residue should simply wipe away once softened.

Bottom Line:

Everyone likes to decorate their own house with some colorful and attractive wall stickers in Perth. If you want to paste the new one by replacing the old one, you can use the mentioned ways to remove the wall stickers safely. And then paste your new one. Contact Stickers n Things.

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