Comprehensive Guide To Buy Best Solar Panels


If you need to reduce energy costs and carbon footprint, installing solar panels is an excellent method to achieve both goals. It enables you to live luxury home at the same time. Solar system installation is a good investment people make in residential or commercial places. The properly installed solar panel provides endless benefits to the property owner.

A solar energy system contains two components such as panel and an inverter. The panel creates the electricity from the sunlight, and the inverter converts them into the form people can utilize in the property. Some models come with a monitoring system that enables the user to check how much power the system creates and uses in their home.

Points to consider when choosing the solar panel

Choosing solar panels in Australia is not a simple task for a new buyer. Now, many types of solar energy systems are available in the market. It is important to select the right panel for generating electricity for your home. The solar energy system professional understands the client’s needs and picks the panel which works for you the best.

Followings are an important aspect you should keep in mind while buying the solar panel.

  • Size of panel

The solar panel is available in two sizes, such as 72 cells and 60 cells. Based on your home size and the usability of electrical power, you can select the panel size. Sixty cells are an ideal choice for a small building.

  • Types of panel

It is essential to consider the panel type before buying the solar system. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline are major types of panels in the market. A monocrystalline panel is an efficient option that generates higher electricity in a smaller size. The polycrystalline panel is less efficient than monocrystalline, producing a lower amount of electricity.

  • Check roof condition

When installing the solar system, you must pay attention to the roof’s condition. The rooftop panel comes with long-lasting durability. It would help if you inspected the roof condition before installing.

Suppose you install the panel first and repair the roof after a few years. You need to pay extra money for disassembling and re-installation of the panel.

  • Building consumption rate

Different properties have various needs according to the appliance, machinery, gadgets, and others that should be powered. It is advised to determine the consumption rate of the building before installing the panel. Analyzing the consumption rate helps select the perfect number of panels that produce enough electrical power.

  • Panel Color

The solar panel comes in two colors: frame and back sheet. The cost and look of the solar system can vary depending on the color you have chosen. Every panel contains lots of silicon cells located on the back sheet. Black backsheet develops stunning panel, which blends in the darker roof. When compared to the traditional solar panel, it gets hotter.

There are two options available in the metal frame, such as silver and black. Both the frame must perform similarly, so select the color which suits your budget. The black frame panel offers an attractive look, but it is more expensive than silver.

  • Warranty

Another aspect to consider when buying the solar panel is the warranty. Many solar panels come with a 20 to 25 years warranty. It is guaranteed that panel works properly after expires of the warranty period. Ensure that the panel produces electricity for a longer period and funds you save.

The manufacturer offers two types of warranties such as product warranty and performance. The production warranties protect the panel from the craft problem. The performance warranties guarantee that panels can generate a certain percentage of electrical power in the warranty years.

By considering these aspects, buy high-quality solar panels from a reputed dealer. Installing the solar panel enhances the property value and offers a great return on investment.

If you have decided to install the solar panel on your property, choose a trustworthy solar retailer in Australia. They provide high-end solar systems for commercial and residential properties reasonably. To know more about solar panels to contact Arise Solar.